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Repair • Refurbish • Retro-Fit • Paint

With STI’s professional repair team, we can repair or retrofit any type of Container or Roll Off back to Industry Standards. Repairs can be made In-house or On-site using our advanced cutting, weldingand repair methods.

Having STI refurbish your container provides substantial savings to our customers by extending the service life of your existing equipment. A refurbished container will not only look new, but will have the same strength and corrosion resistance as a new unit.


• Front Load – Rear Load
• RL to FL Conversions
• Bottoms – Casters – Channels
• Lids – Plastic/Metal

Bins – Hoppers
• Scrap – Paper – Roll Dumps

Roll Off Boxes
• Drop Body – Storage
• Compactor Receivers
• Hook-ups – Doors – Wheels
• Open Top to Rolling Roof Conversion
• Roof Repair/Retro-Fit

• Transfer Station Repairs – Pit/Wall
• Conveyor Repair/Replacement
• Garbage Truck Re-Lining/Repair
• Trailer/Flatbed Repair
• Replacement Parts

STI offers In-House and On-Site
Repair of any type of Container or
Roll Off using Industry Standards.

Proud member of the
California Refuse & Recycling Council (CRRC)
and Clara Mateo Garbage Colllectors Association.

Can Before Refurbish
Can After Refurbish
Body Before Refurbish
Body After Refurbish